Friday, March 21, 2014

Cute as a Button Birthday!

Can you believe it!!!! It was Em's FIRST BIRTHDAY??? I know doesn't seem real just seems like yesterday I was telling you all about her birth and sharing those ADORABLE bunny pictures from Easter.....BUT IT IS TRUE. She is 1!! And we celebrated with Family and friends a couple weeks ago.

The inspiration for her birthday party actually came from her great-grandmother who passed away from breast cancer complications when I was 16. She was my best friend and the one person I think about more than any other. When I was growing up she always had this tin of buttons we use to dig through and play with every time I would spend the night or come to visit. When she passed away all I had left of her was that tin of buttons.

Because Em never got to meet her I wanted to incorporate this into her birthday and make it special. So we had a "Cute as a Button Birthday Bash" and it was SEW much fun!! I know you cannot read the poem in the picture, but here is what it said:

I can remember clearly as a child so small

Asking Mamaw for her tin of buttons she had hidden behind the dolls.

We would get them out and count them one by one

Playing with them until the evening sun.

Some were red, some were blue

Some were plain, but some were fancy too.

She kept them there if ever a shirt needs mending

But most of all for us kids pretending.

Now that she is gone I share this collection with you

In hopes they make precious memories for you too.

I wish she were here to see your sweet face,

But I know she is looking down on you from a better place.

Happy First Birthday sweetheart we love you!

Friends and family were invited to attend her party with this CUTE invitation!

Here are a couple of my favorite things from the party.

 Somehow amongst all the craziness, kids screaming, cake smashing fun we squeezed in a family shot! I just love the mischievous look on her little face!

Her cake turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! I could not have asked for it to be more perfect! And it was delicious!

Em decided to share a little with Daddy :)
 Here daddy Have a bite!!

 I loved her little chalkboard I had made from Etsy (Michelle's Party Shop). Matched her party theme PERFECTLY :)
 I made this little frame off an idea I seen on Etsy and Pinterest as well. The background is fabric hot glued on to a piece of poster board and the letter  is a wooden letter with Buttons glued on :) It looked super cute and now is hanging in her bedroom!!
 We had a "Thanks for Coming table" where the guests could sign the photo mat (not pictured), grab some wallet sized photos for themselves, and take a Button cookie for the road!
Hanging in the background is her 1-12 month photo banner. It is hard to believe she got so big so quick!! 
Two of my other favorite decorations were the table centerpieces made from margarita glasses, foam balls, and dum-dum pops. These were on the middle of the tables and so easy and inexpensive to make! And then there was the gift table that had her #1 made of buttons. If nothing else this was fun to make :) It looked cute and me and Em's aunt Destiny had a great time placing all these buttons on!

This has to be my favorite picture from the day. She was such a mess and was not feeling well at all, but once she dug into those bags and unwrapped her present she was one happy little girl.

Time flies but memories like these will last forever.

I love you sweet angel!
Happy Birthday!!