Sunday, March 24, 2013

Emory: our birth story Part 2

March 2 was the most amazing day of my life. My little girl made her grand entrance Into this crazy world.

The first time I held her and looked in her eyes ( because she was very much awake when they handed her to me) were some of the most amazing moments.

The next day my mom brought my little man up to visit and although he was a little skeptical at first he couldn't love her anymore. He wanted to hold her and kiss all over her! Makes me one proud mommy!

So everything is perfect and we get discharged from the hospital on Monday afternoon. Baby is healthy and I am doing well...

Monday night and Emory sleeps ALL night. Although I was super excited it worried me a little. But she had a dr appointment early Tuesday morning so I would just tell her then. At the dr her weight is down to 6 lbs 8 oz from her original 7 lbs 5 oz. and they want the lab to re check her bilirubin count because she is looking a little more yellow.

So we get the lab work done and head home to this point she had not really eaten all day and I was really concerned. She hasn't had a wet diaper in 12 hours and I was nervous!

After a couple of hours the phone rings and I never imagined how my world would be shaken by that one phone call.

Her jaundice was up but that wasn't her main concern. Emory's sodium level was elevated and if it got any higher her brain could begin bleeding internally!!! WHAT!!!! I was gone right then I didn't hear much else of the conversation.. I remember asking how we could get it down and what would fix this and she said the only thing that could fix it would be to get her to eat quickly and a lot! So she asked me to try formula and if she hasn't eaten in the next two hours to take her straight to the ER.

I am a wreck! The bf is asleep but I couldn't get off the couch to wake him up. I called my mom and before I could say hello I was sobbing so uncontrollably she didn't know what had happened. She kept asking me to put Emory's daddy on the phone and I couldn't manage to tell her that he didn't even know yet. She knew that I was waiting on a call from the pediatrician and has a friend that works there so she called her to find out what was going on. After the nurse explained everything to her my mom shows up at my house and tries to help me wake Emory to eat. But she will not budge. Nothing will wake this child and I am scared to death.

The bf is now awake and trying to console me and wake her but its not working so we load in the car and head to children's hospital. They admit her and put her on an IV and under the jaundice lights.

The next 24 hours were the hardest and most painful hours of our lives.

They had put the IV in her head because it was the best vein and they said she wouldn't mess with it...apparently they don't know my daughter! Within the first 5 hours she reaches her hand up to her head and rips out the IV. Blood is going everywhere and I am in full on panic mode. Emory is screaming and so am I! The doctor runs in and gets her head fixed up while I am sobbing in the bathroom.

And that is just the beginning of our 4 day stay in the hospital!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Emory: our birth story!

She is finally here!! All the patience and waiting and sleepless nights have finally paid off. I am now holding the precious little bundle of joy in my arms.

It was sort of a roller coaster of events that led to getting her here and keeping her healthy... Thank goodness we are all good, healthy, and home now :)

It is very true what they say that the last month of your pregnancy feels like the whole 9 months is just beginning. That last 4 weeks took FOREVERRRR! It didn't help that every time I went to the doctor I was 1 cm dilated and had been having minor contractions for weeks! So I sat at 1 cm for 4 weeks...

I tried everything to get her here ( by the way nothing helps get them here any quicker it's all just wives tales!) I tried black and blue cohosh, spicy food, Chinese, riding around the field, I mean EVERYTHING!!!!

So after 3 weeks I just gave up she will come when she is good and ready! So I went to the dr on Monday and I was still 1cm!!

Thursday night comes and the contractions start coming quicker and stronger and I started spotting. So we went to the hospital and guess what...STILL 1cm!! Ughhhhh so we drove home and I vowed that I was NOT going back to the dr or the hospital until she was coming out and I couldn't hold her in any longer!!

Friday night and the bf decides he is going to go hang out with his friends for a little while and I wasn't feeling great so I just stayed home.

6pm and the contractions were noticeable to say the least but still about 8 min apart.

9 pm and the contractions were much stronger.

12 am the bf is home and I was in tears on the floor every 8 minutes....then all of a sudden 6 minutes!

2 am and I have to go to the bathroom. There was a little too much liquid but still not enough to make me call the doctor..yet

3 am I go the bathroom again this time more liquid but still not too much. Then I stand up and GUSH...water everywhere. The contractions go from every 6 minutes to 5 then 4 then all of a sudden 3 minutes!!

I call the dr and he tells me to come to the hospital ( keep in mind that the hospital is an hour drive away) so I wake up the bf and get some clothes on. All the time screaming because the contractions were now in my back and so painful I couldn't help but scream! By the time we got in the car they were coming every minute and a half and I was pretty sure I was going to give birth in the car!

We finally make it to the hospital and the er registration is taking their sweet time as I am screaming in pain every minute and a half...what you name, birthdate, ss#, blah blah. I said in my motherly tone EXCUSE ME BUT I WAS TOLD TO GO STRAIGHT TO LABOR AND DELIVERY!! NOW SHUT UP AND OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!! They did not seem to care for that but they got us in and within minutes I was in my room and getting the IVs hooked up. About thirty minutes later the epidural was in and I was 7 cm dilated. Not long after the epidural I start feeling a lot of pressure so I tell the nurse and she says well it is a little soon to check you again but I will ask the doctor. The doctor comes in and says let me just take a peak...O GOODNESS go get the dad we are pushing!

8:30 am on Saturday and we start pushing. The baby's heart rate is falling VERY LOW with every push so I am put on oxygen and continue to push.

10:12 am and my beautiful baby girl is in her daddy's arms and we are both in tears!

What a little miracle that we created! But this was just the beginning of the journey...

More to come with what happened next.. And of course some amazing pics of my beautiful little girl!