Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monagrams & More: Baby style :)

Over the weekend I had my last and Final baby shower for my sweet little Angel. All of my family and friends have been so gracious in their giving and we have received MORE than enough to take care of our precious little girl.

All of the gifts have meant so much to us and we are truly grateful. I do not know what we would have done without the help of all our wonderful friends! From Diapers & Wipes to clothes all the way to the curtains to hang in the room we have not had to want for anything so far.

I have to share with you some of my favorite items received this weekend.I love Monograms on anything, but these were especially CUTE :)

This Beautiful scripture customized for Emory's room! I love the way it is written and it will look so good on her wall.

These amazing Onsies!! They even have matching little pants :) I can see a BIG BOW and some cute little shoes and my little fashionista will be set!!

As if the onsies monogrammed were not cute enough!! I absolutely love this frame and wish that I could be as creative as this!! 

This however was my project!! Her name each letter framed individually and will be hung above her crib with some pink ribbon :) I cannot wait to see what it looks like on the gray wall...stay tuned to see the finished product ;)


This bad boy was given to us by Cody's Dad & his Girlfriend. Now we can watch little man and Emory at the same time and not have to worry about a thing!! (Maybe we will even get the little turkey out of our bedroom!!!!)


And then there is this dress. I know it may not look too exciting to you but seriously it is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen for this summer. And one of the few items I have bought myself. I did pretty well throughout this whole pregnancy in waiting to buy only what I really needed. This little splurge is brought to you by Buy Buy Baby and will look amazing with some black leggings and sandals :)

More posts coming soon on some of my other amazing gifts, I just have to get the pictures from the other people first :) 

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!


  1. That dress is definitely one of the cutest things! You have some amazing people in your life, those are great gifts!

  2. These are precious gifts! The onsies are sooo precious!!

  3. hi beautiful! i just found your blog and i love it!!! great posts (i also cant live without my kuerig)! i was wondering would you be interested in following each other?