Monday, February 25, 2013

HELP- Home Remedies, Herbal, ANYTHING!!

Wow..have I been slacking lately! I have not had a blog post in two weeks! I know I should be ashamed!!

I have an amazing Cara Box reveal from a new friend I need to link up and some exciting news about the progress of baby to share!

The Cara Box will have to wait just a bit longer because I do not have the pictures to post, but the baby news can be shared!!

I am currently 1 cm dilated and having contractions! Yes that means that any day now this little booger could come! Of course I have been this way for the past two weeks and she has made no progress so that also means that I could be waiting a while too......

Mommy (& Daddy) would really like to meet out precious little angel so any day now would be nice!!

Any moms out there have any suggestions to get this baby here??? YES I am considered full term and she currently weighs over 7 pounds best guesstimate, so she is READY now I just need to get her here!!! Anything at all you know that actually works would be greatly appreciated. What did you do to get your little one here quicker (because lets face it those last couple of weeks you cannot think of anything other than wishing that little bundle of joy would come already!!)

Thanks in advance and I promise I will get the Cara Box reveal up as soon as possible (PS..It's a good one!!)

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  1. Hoping you have not posted in a while because you have been busy with a sweet newborn in your arms!