Thursday, May 9, 2013

Nursery is finally complete! (2 months later)

Don't judge me! I have a two year old too! :) that is my excuse for being so late with the finishing touches of the baby room. But it is finally done and she can sleep in her own bed (yea right!)

My baby girl is two months old now and even though she sleeps in her cradle beside mommy and daddy I like to think that if she needed to she could sleep in her own room. Before yesterday it looked like a tornado came through...hey that's not uncommon in this town...but now it is CLEAN!

There was everything from my hospital bag (still not unpacked) to the box from her shelves laying in the floor! Now look at it :)

I have to say with the exception of the chevron wall that didn't work out it looks just how I imagined!