Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Do you Buy Local??

We do...at least we try!

After several weeks of talking about it this spring I took my little man to the strawberry patch to teach him about the importance of locally grown fruits and veggies and supporting the local farmer. Without them we would never survive!

We went to the Strawberry Patch and he had a blast! Any excuse for the little booger to get dirty and play in the mud is a good one, but when you add FOOD...its 10x better!

Try before you buy!

We had a wonderful time at Rutherford Farms and learned a lot about Strawberry plants and what they need to survive the crazy messed up Tennessee weather! 

After all the picking was done we went home to clean up and make a simple and easy treat with the fruits of our labor! This Strawberry Cobbler was the most AMAZING thing I have ever put into my mouth and I MADE IT!!! It was so easy and so delicious.....and gone in 10 minutes :)

So DO YOU BUY LOCAL? Do you support your local farmers and their efforts to support the community?

We are looking forwarding to going back next week to get some Broccoli and Greens :)

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