Wednesday, August 13, 2014

She said WHAT??

So I swear I am not trying to brag (okay maybe just a little) but is anyone else's 16 month old talking in full complete sentences. She tells me what she wants when she wants it and how she would like it delivered without hesitation.......I am a little dumbfounded as her brother did not talk (at least not in full sentences) until he was 2.

Courtesy of Sabrina Dowdy Photography

Of course I think she is special....she is my child, but she amazes me everyday with her new found abilities. 

This was our conversation last night.

Em: Mommy....where blankie?
Me: I don't know baby go find her.
Em: (Walks down the hallway to her room) Mommy....'mere.
Me: (Going into her room) What Em?
Em: Blankie in bed (points to her crib where her blankie is hanging) (I hand her her blankie)
Em: Where Pasi?
Me: Here (handing her pasi)
Em: Night Night Mommy.... ' ove You!

Courtesy of Sabrina Dowdy Photography
FOR REALLLLLL???? And then there was this last week:

Me: Okay it is time to go we need to get you some diapers and some shoes on.
Em: okay mommy (as she walks to her room)
Me: Em come here please
She comes out carrying a diaper and her sandals
Em: Here mommy. I ready

I think I need to slow down time because I no longer have a baby!!

Courtesy of Sabrina Dowdy Photography
She repeats EVERYTHING and not only that but she knows EXACTLY what you are referring to or what you mean by it.

Just a Proud Mommy Moment.

Courtesy of Sabrina Dowdy Photography

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