Friday, November 30, 2012

November Cara Box

You know those times when you walk to the mailbox and you see a special little package waiting inside? You can't even wait until you get up the driveway because you know there is something really exciting in that box and you have to find out what it is!! Well the Cara box started by Wifessionals is designed to give you that same exact feeling once a month :)

November was my first month joining in this fun little exchange and I have to say I could not have had more fun. I was paired up with Sureye, a sweet little blogger who also just found out she is expecting a little bundle. We had a great time getting to know each other and shopping for her was as much fun as receiving my own box!

November's theme was Childhood and what better way to remind you of being a child then to get a package in the mail.
Soooo...Here is what was inside :)

First thing I saw when i ripped into the box (before i made it all the way up the driveway) were all the Christmas ornaments decorating the box...let face it what kid did not like Christmas?? Then there was the Straw - ba-ba-ba-berry Shortcake rolls...because I LOVED this girl as a kid and love the snacks even more as an adult :)

Then of course there were the Sour Patch Kids candy canes because this was my favorite candy of all time!
The next thing I found as I dug deeper into the box (now parked in the driveway but too excited to get out of the car) was the red nail polish by Essie! (my favorite!)

And last but not least were these amazing sparkling orange drinks (with no caffeine)  for us prego girls who are at least trying to lay off the caffeine! The fact that they were Orange flavored only made them that much better. When I was little the only thing that made me feel better was an Orange slushie from Sonic!

Thank you so much to Sarai of Sureye and to Wifessionals for making this Cara Box swap so fun! I cannot wait to start again in December!

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