Thursday, June 27, 2013

Best Inventoin EVER!

When I learned I was pregnant with Em the first thing I said was I WILL breastfeed her. I don't care what it takes or how much Fenugreek I have to take I will breastfeed her!

Fast forward 9 months and she arrives healthy and strong. So I ask the nurse to let her latch so she could learn quickly. First time she tried it was a perfect latch and I could not have been happier!!
The only trouble we have run across was her spell of dehydration from refusing to eat ANYTHING. She would not nurse or take a bottle I even tried formula! So there we were in the hospital for a week! (Check out Em's Birth Story Part2 & Part3 for more information on that!) Since then we have had not one little problem!

Then at 8 weeks I had to return to work :( Enter the best invention ever created!
 The Medela Easy Expression Bustier. This thing has saved my life on more than one occasion!! Although it is a little pricey ($33.99 @ Target) it has definitely been worth every cent!

There are so many different things that you can accomplish while pumping....Especially while I am at work!

My recommendation to all you nursing/pumping mommas.... GO GET ONE TODAY!!

For a cheaper alternative I have heard several ladies mention that they have taken an old Sports Bra and cut slits big enough for the cones to slide into. I have not personally tried this, but seems like it could work!

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