Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bye-Bye Baby

Well...It looks like my little man is no longer a baby :( He will be 2 in July and in the past month he has become the most independent little boy I have ever seen. I can't help him with his food anymore he either holds it or he doesn't eat. I can't put his shoes or as he says shooks (Shoe + Sock) on him anymore he screams until you let him do it himself. Even if they are on the wrong feet you better not touch them!

Independence is always a great thing to teach children, but when it is your own it is almost heartbreaking when they get to this stage. Mommy is no longer needed unless they are hurt or sleepy. I guess one day I will not be needed for this either so I should enjoy it while I can, but its hard to watch them grow.

He is growing up so quickly and becoming such a little man. He has the biggest heart of any 2 year old I know. He is genuinely concerned about the people around him. You can's sneeze, cough, fall, or hurt yourself without him asking 'You okay?, You Okay?' I guess he gets it from us because we always ask him if he gets strangled or coughing "Are you okay buddy?" and his response is 'Yes I okay Mom Mom"

He loves his sister more than anything in this world and will not let her out of his sight for very long. First thing he does when he wakes up from a nap or comes out of his room from playing is find her and give her a kiss. If she is sleeping he will say "Where Sissy at?" and I have to take him to her so he can give her a kiss. If anyone is holding her he will walk up to them put his arms out to reach for her and say "My Sissy" as he is bobbling that head like he always does.

I love my little man and as much as I love watching him grow and develop It makes me sad to know that this time next month we will be celebrating a 2nd birthday :(

We are decorating 'Hot Dog' style. His favorite show..well the only show he will actually watch...is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. To him it is called Hot Dog, Hot Dog and he cannot get enough of it. So his 2nd birthday will be Mickey Mouse from top to bottom. I cannot wait to have his little pictures made in his cute little shirt!!

Look for pictures next month :)

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