Monday, July 1, 2013

Stroller Advice

I am looking for a very lightweight portable stroller to take on a cruise. :) Yes we are going on a cruise this year and I cannot wait!!!!

I have a Graco Ready2Grow double stroller for both of my babies that I absolutely LOVE, but that is just too much on a boat full of thousands of people! So here is where you come in!

What kind of stroller would you suggest for a  7 month old? I have really been looking at the Jeep All Weather Umbrella stroller, but do not personally know anyone with it.
 I would love to stay at a very reasonably price because although we may use it some it will mainly be just for this trip.

Here is what I need:
  • Comfortable for 7 month old
  • Reclining seat for nap time
  • cup holder (at least for mommy)
  • lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver and steer
  • Affordable
  • Storage basket underneath is a plus :)
PLEASE let me know what you recommend! Your opinions are welcomed and I will thank you greatly!

Have a good day!

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    We have this one and really like it!