Monday, July 1, 2013

Make the switch to bloglovin' before it is too late!!

As most of you are aware Google Reader will be no more as of July 1, 2013. (Yes I realize this is today!!)  I have several blogs that I follow through Google and I also have several followers through Google as well.  Although I am not quite sure why they are doing away with my favorite reader :( I do have a solution!! 
I am such a fan of Bloglovin and you will be too!  If you have a few minutes today make sure you make the switch!  Bloglovin even has a way for you to import the blogs currently in your reader into your new account!! Just click on the little blue heart on the top ribbon and select import from Google Reader and that is it!!

How exciting is that?  That means no huge time investment to just move everything over.  Totally simple, stress free and convenient.  It literally took me less than 3 minutes to do!!  So click here and start reading Babies, Bosses, & Boyfriends and all of your other favorite blogs right on Bloglovin!!  

And HURRY before it is too late!

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