Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday has come at last!

Well it has been somewhat of a complicated week!

Monday we went for Em's Upper GI X-rays.....that was fun NOT! She couldn't eat for 6 hours before we got there, so we started the day with her routine already thrown off. By the time they called us back for the test she was starving and even the Barium they made her drink tasted good to her. She sucked it down and they began the tests.

They had her strapped to a back board with her hands over her head and she was taped up like a mummy. I took a picture but I can't even put it on here because it looks so cruel!

After about 20 minutes of turning her this way and that way and flipping her over to get all the pictures they needed she was finally done and they unstrapped her. I have never been so happy to soothe my crying baby!

If the X-rays weren't bad enough, the Barium drink made her constipated so she has been trying all week to go the bathroom! Poor thing's belly was just killing her and when she finally went it REALLY hurt her. :(

Now we have all the tests out of the way and we can focus on getting some results next Monday! Hopefully they will find something that will make her feel much better!!

ANYWAY....That was the start of the week, but the rest of the week (other than the gassy baby) was pretty good.

We took Sissy to Nana's and went up the mountains with Little man to play in the was a little cold but he was a champ! He had a blast and we had a good time watching him!

Em's Mickey Mouse outfit finally arrived (a week late) but it is the cutest little thing!! I LOOOVOEE the headband :) 

This was her excited face waiting to see the DR.....She looks like she has just seen a ghost! 

I love my little munchkin and she is finally starting to look a little like her mommy.....okay so it is just a little but a mommy can dream!!

I love these two! They melt my heart and are so much alike it is incredible! I was sneaky and took this picture from across the room. They act alike when they aren't even paying attention.

And last but not was my baby girls 5 month Birthday so to celebrate I am throwing all the way back to 5 months ago when we were still in the she not the cutest little thing you have ever seen! I cannot stop looking at her! 

Hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend!!

Make sure you stop by the blog on Monday and linkup your favorite side dish with our Mouthwatering Mondays segment!  It will be fun!!

22days until my Birthday (and the first Vol football game) and counting!!! 

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