Thursday, August 8, 2013

To Cut or not to cut...That is the question!

Three years ago I decided to take a plunge and cut ALL of my hair off. We are talking total redo of everything I have ever known. My hair has never in my life been shorter than my shoulders! And this particular cut was almost up to my chin!

Since then I have only had a few minimal cuts here and there. I have tried to let it grow back to its normal length. I have cried because it was too short....I have cried because it is too long....I am just over it!

So what should I do? I want a cut with style something that is easy to fix but cute all the time. Right now  I feel like my hair has no body, no definition. Just a mess of long stringy blondness laying on my back :/

So here is just about the shortest my hair was....there was one shorter but I am not even going to think about going that short. 

Here is a little bit longer.....

And I just threw this one in here so you can see how little my Little Man was!! Wasn't he just the cutest little thing.

And here is when I was pregnant with little EM and it was about mid length.....

And this is now....See how at the ends it is just stringy and thin and GROSS!!

So what should I do? What cut would look good on my little round face? I would appreciate any thoughts I could get.

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