Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And the excitement builds....

So as of this week I am 34 weeks pregnant. That leaves 6 weeks (or less) until our beautiful baby girl makes her grand entrance into this world! We are all so excited and this momma is starting to feel the gitters!

My mom on the other hand has been all about baby! She bought us the AMAZING crib set we picked out as a surprise for her baby shower! And today had me order some CUUUTTEEE accessories for baby Em.

Here is the crib bedding for her room! I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to get the crib setup and the bedding on fact I am doing this tonight!!

Then there is this ADORABLE hat she ordered from Etsy. It is seriously going to make the cutest Easter newborn pictures ever!! and just in case you might want to order one for someone you know here is the link to the store :)

Last but not least are these GORGEOUS white booties! I am so excited to let her wear these to Church and maybe even just to the grocery store. Ia m seriously a little obsessed with the cuteness! These booties can be found here :)

So I guess even though momma and daddy (like he would ever admit it!) are getting a little nervous the grandparents excitement continues to build! 

I have to say as much as I love my little for a little girl is so much more fun!!!

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