Friday, January 11, 2013

FRIDAY! The best day of the week :)

It is once again Friday (thank Goodness!!) and I am super excited about this weekend and the coming weeks! I have 3 baby showers lined up and I cannot wait....Emory is spoiled already!!

Here are some highlights from my week....

Levi is a handful! But we love him anyway..

This little ham can make mommy smile no matter what is going on. Who needs clothes? All he needs is his hat and his jeep!

Thanks to my wonderful mother I now am the proud owner of a set of Paula Deen pots y'all!

Baby bump at 32 weeks! She is definitely growing!

My baby's nursery is coming together!! Obviously this is no her nursery, but this is what it will look like (or something close)
Here is to a long and fun filled weekend!


  1. What a cute baby bump!! :-) How are you feeling?

    Enjoy those showers!! Baby showers are the best.

    1. I am doing wonderful!! Not to jynx anything but after the no fun morning sickness ended at about 16 weeks I have been very very lucky with no real problems!

      By the way...Your babies are beautiful and I love your blog :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! Your dog is adorable. I need one in my life! Have fun with all your showers :)
    I found you through the link up.

    Beth @ Clothes & Cocktails

    1. I am now following you! Thank you my little boy loves him they like to cuddle together :)

  3. your puppy is adorable!! he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    1. thank you! We love him, but he is a hndful sometimes!!