Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday is the best day!

Since School is finally over I now have my amazing every other Friday off schedule back!! This was my first Friday off in a loooong time! Recap of the rest of my (short) week below :)

1. My amazingly stubborn little girl has managed once again to get out of having her picture made. Her and that hand in front of her face are getting a little aggravating for this mommy who is ready to see what my precious little girl looks like!!
2. My little man was amazing when he had his picture made with Santa :) and I have to say he is the cutest kid ever lol
3. Santa stopped by a little early since my baby has been so good!! Levi the lab us te newest member of the family.
4. We spent our Thursday night in the dark! The power went out during a storm so we had some Extra cuddle time!
5. I made an amazingly tasty meatloaf for the bf and it is all he has talked about!

A fun week for sure!!

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