Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We are blessed this Holiday Season!

I hve come to realize that Christmas traditions come and go as you get older. All the places you use to go every year and all the people you use to visit now have their own families and their own places to attend. This year is the first year I have truelly experienced what it is like to be spread between two families.

Christmas use to be a time where all my family would gather at the grandparents house and stay all day talking and laughing and waiting giddily to open presents at the end of the night. Since my grandmother passed it seems as if this time of family and friendship and bonds has faded...though we still gather and we still celebrate Christmas something is missing. All the joy and excitement is no longer apparent. Half of the family doesn't show up at all and the other half runs in to open gifts and head right back out the door. It makes me so sad to think that my family is growing apart...I guess this is all part of getting older.

Now we have our own grandparents go and spend all day letting the kids open gifts and tell stories and laugh at all the silly things that happened this year. We have our own traditions to make and I can only hope that they will be as memorable for my kids as they were for me.

I love all my family and I am so glad to get to spend he past couple of days with such a wonderful group of family and friends.

Although it is not the true meaning of Christmas my baby was very blessed this year with many presents to bring home and play with. We are so greatful to all the ones who took time to give :) Santa Claus was very generous too...

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Little Man's favorite gifts..of course he would like the loudest ones!

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