Friday, December 28, 2012

H54F: Fa-la-la-la Friday!!!

1) Christmas for my little man was very eventful (& noisy!!) Every toy he got this year made noise!

2) Only 2 months and 11 (now 10) days until Little Emory is set to make her gran appearance!!

3) Baby Bump at 30 week...its getting out there!

4) My rocking chair from my sweet boyfriend...and the little monkey loves it as much as mommy!

5) Christmas will really wear a puppy out!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a safe New year!!


  1. Love the name Emory! SO cute!! Congrats on your new addition! That's going to be so much fun!! Found you form H54F! You can find me here:

  2. Your bump is adorable. Emory is a beautiful name. I'm so anti-noisy toy, but how can you not on Christmas. haha.

    New follower from #H54F.