Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Meatloaf Ever :)

Okay so I have made several meatloaf's in the past and they have all turned out pretty well (Kind of hard to mess up a big ball of meat if you ask me) but this one was FANTASTIC!!

Check out the recipe I used in this weeks Mouthwatering Monday's segment.

When my bf asked me to make him some to take to lunch tomorrow I knew it must have been absolutely delicious. I think this is the first (maybe the second if you include eating pizza at midnight the night it was delivered) time I have ever seen him eat leftovers of any kind!

I must say me and Emory enjoyed it and my little man ate a whole piece. This in itself is a miracle as he has never been a meat eater! He eats a chicken nugget every now and then, but meat is not his favorite. This meat however was the best meatloaf ever :)

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